Thursday, May 31, 2007


“Rhymes with Witch”...

I realize that people's political views are quite diverse but I must admit to finding two general categories among those who hold fervent leftist beliefs. One is rather docile and genuinely believes in trying to do good things. I'd of course consider them rather naïve in their appraisal of dictatorships and enemies who can never be reconciled with. But, “their heart is in the right place.” No matter how absurd or ultimately destructive their views of political life, they probably mean well and would “like to make a better world.”

The other character from leftland that pops up occasionally in my field of vision is the same in their general philosophy – assign a bigger apparatus of state to direct and, if necessary, coerce a centrally planned program of social existence. But this other character is not naïve, or even sincere in their hopes of “making a better world.”

Hillary Clinton definitely fits into this latter category. She's one mean bitch and even a firm supporter of her brand of socialist politics would have difficulty not noticing the stern, rugged, and power-hungry character that shows so clearly on that concentration camp guard face of hers.

Like anyone with even mildly libertarian or traditional conservative views (ala' Edmund Burke), I hate the bitch and I hope the hell she doesn't get anywhere near the already over bloated apparatus of state.

In between Rodham's occasional attempts to appear moderate she slips in references to the philosophy that ultimately guides her – that always has guided her. Hillary wants power, not to “make a better world” but to control more people and, if she can, punish those who have thrived in our free system.

It's been said that the difference between a socialist and a communist is that a communist is in a hurry to do the same thing. By those definitions, Hillary is a plain old communist, ever eager to implement her own version of a five year plan to reign in those individuals out there who aren't cooperating with her template for how America and the world should be “organized.”

Of course, few communists or socialist begin their mission with a stated goal of erecting coercive structures to whittle society down to bare subsistence living, but in the end what can one really expect of anyone who seeks to give government maximum authority over people's lives and “reeducate” those who refuse to go along with “the plan?” I'll refer to Hillary as a socialist for now but lets face it, her goals are little different than those of the standing committee of the Communist Party of China – she's a neo-Comm.

If you like this evil wench you'll love some of her quotes in a recent speech. If you despise her as I do, you'll see plenty of the usual class-envy pandering that makes all socialist control freaks on the brink of power very dangerous people.

“We Are All in it Together...” -- great...

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